App Challenges:

The Riverside County EDA  Workforce Development Centers (WDC) is interested in having a mobile application developed to assist the job seeker, business and youth customers with rapid identification of locations and services provided.  We would like the application to:

    Notify customers when they are near one of the locations
    Provide location information (address, phone number)
    Navigational support (directions
    List services provided for job seekers and business customers at the WDCs
    Provide a link to our website

Waste Management would like an application that provides information specific to Waste Management Department Facility locations and hours of operation (landfills, HHW program events, Sharps kiosk locations , etc.), and fees. Ideally, this application would include an interactive map feature. We have a resource locator tool on our home page http: // www.rivcowm .org/opencms/ where the user can type in their refuse type/zip code and the locator identifies the closest disposal location. The City of Santa Maria has an application that could be used as an example, but we are hoping for something more dynamic. Datasets: Waste Area Greenwaste Recyclers, Waste C& D Recyclers, Waste HHW Collection Events,Waste Transfer Stations,Waste Landfill Rates


Waste Management would like an application that provides the user with information related to various waste types. The Department has developed "Waste Fact Sheets" that are available on the Department's intranet site  waste.html/ .  Perhaps an application that allows the user to search by waste type and then links them to the Department's Waste Fact sheet for information related to proper waste handling/disposal and/or recycling of the item? This could be incorporated into the Department Facilities application discussed in item #2 above.  Data sets related to this application idea include waste categories, brief descriptions, and links to the Department's web based Waste Fact Sheets.  Datasets: Waste Types Facts

Data Sources:

Riverside County Data:
ESRI ArcGIS - Riverside County Map Data
City of Riverside - Open Data:
California - Open Data:
United States - Open Data:

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