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First Place:  $2,500

Application: Riverside Harvest Guide

Team Members: Claire Li,  Carlsbad CA.




Second Place: $1,500

Application: Unload

Team Members: Matthew Kohrs, Honesdale PA.

Maureen Daum, Grand Rapids , MI.

Raymond Jacobson,  White Plains,  NY.

Mengmeng Jie, Novi, MI   







Third Place: $500

Application: Crime Watch Riverside

Team Members: Aurfelio Agundez, Corona, CA



Esri Special Award: $2,000

Application: Unload

Team Members: Matthew Kohrs, Honesdale PA.

Maureen Daum, Grand Rapids , MI.

Raymond Jacobson, White Plains, NY.

Mengmeng Jie, Novi, MI



CIO Special Award: Microsoft X-Box

(For the application fostering the most civic engagement)

Application: Data That Works


Syncano Special Awards:

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  • mySQL, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, ESRI API

    Our goal is to promote the purchase of locally grown produce, over purchases from chain grocery stores. This allows the people of Riverside to help sustain the commerce of their community. Purchasing from your "neighbor" sustains their livelihood, along with the rest of us.

    My partner and I who worked on this project are both students from the University of California, Riverside - and care very much about this community. The data is sorted by seasonal availability, location, type of produce. "Riverside Harvest Guide" also provides maps of local farmers markets, and fresh produce sellers through an ESRI API. We wanted to use our ability as programmers to help out Riverside county. As programmers, we specialize in the process of sorting data, and making it easily accessible. We used a public data-set from the city of Riverside, to power out mySQL database driven application.

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  • Knowing where to dispose of materials, whether household items, construction equipment, yard waste, or other is a challenging task. With a large pool of facilities that accept only niche items, disposing of materials can be risky, time-consuming, and improperly performed. That's where Unload steps in -- to take the load off.

    We developed Unload to serve people. Unload is an application that allows quick and definite access to the nearest and most suitable waste management facility for a users itemized needs. This is with no doubt a daunting task. In one of the largest counties in the U.S., Riverside serves a populous extremely diverse in socioeconomics, which brings to question: "How can we develop an app that serves everyone? Rich, poor, young, or old" But that doesn't stop Unload. Unload makes use of Web, Mobile (iOS), and SMS technology to provide a solution to everyone, whether you have a smartphone, a supercomputer, laptop, flip phone, or tablet. Unload is tied together with powerful Natural Language Processing, state-of-the-art mapping tools, incredibly modern and efficient technology, and streamlined architecture all for the purpose of serving digestible data to the user -- hassle free.

    Unload is Extensible: it makes use of open data sets and there is no reason that unload needs only to serve waste management. As NLP processes improve, Unload represents a new platform for dynamic solutions with streamlined interfaces. Functional: it's dead simple. Enter your item and allow GPS location (text a cross-intersection if you're using SMS). Find the best place to get rid of it. More time for you, less hassle for the county to sort through improperly disposed items. Unique: it is multifaceted like none other. Unload was designed at its core to be fair to ever user through text, app, or web.

    And it was incredibly fun to develop.  

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  • Theft sucks -- I've been a victim of it three times. It almost always happens around your home and rarely is anyone ever brought to justice.

    Help keep your community safe by easily reporting suspicious activity using Crime Watch; it only takes 10 seconds

    Syncano Domain: polished-frog-266688

    Best App using ESRI Technology

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    Helping youth find jobs on the go. Unemployment rates are still over 8% in Riverside County and over 17% for youth. Employers are especially attracted to young people that show initiative and that use and understand technology. What better way to attract the cream of the crop of young people for businesses and government agencies that through the very devices that are ubiquitous for today's youth. When a job seeker downloads our app they will receive text alerts when they walk or drive by an employer's job listing. Instantly, they will receive a job description and reviews of the employer and if they desire enable them to respond to the opportunity via LinkedIn, Facebook and potentially other social networks.

    Best use of Sycano platform

    1st Place: Crimewatch
    Prize: A pre-ordered Amazon Firefly phone
    + 1 year of unlimited use of Syncano

    2nd Place: Super Cities
    Prize: Amazon FireTV
    + 6 months of unlimited use of Syncano

    3rd Place: Lets Go Eco
    Prize: 3 months of unlimited use of Syncano

    Contact Us

    Riverside County Innovation Center
    3450 14th Street
    Riverside, CA 92501